Welcome to the future!

How climate change may
impact life of my community
and how can we prepare for it?

This website is built around certain minimal assumptions:

  • Climate change and it’s effects started a while ago and is still getting momentum.
  • It is killing people and other beings as we read it and is not going to stop any time soon (in our time scale).
  • There is a big chance that human beings will be wiped out or reduced to insignificantly small populations within 1-2 generations. Even bigger chance is that human civilization as we know it will cease to exist, splitting into a number of isolated and weak communities. There is no chance whatsoever that any country in the world can escape consequences.
  • Powers that be are mostly interested in their own preservation and keeping control over depopulated planet. If you read this text, you are most probably designated to be left behind.
  • Community is the best safety net and life support system. We are all in it, and we need to look after each other.
  • Learning, organizing and cooperating make the magic sauce that can possibly keep us alive. But:  no guarantee whatsoever.


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